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Gear Shifter Validation Test Rig

Gear Shifter Validation Test Rig

Detailed Description

Gear Shifter Validation Test Rigs are using for online validation of the Gear shifter assembly. After assembly of the gear shifter, the job will test on the validation rig which can validate the product test parameters

  1. A torque of the Gear shifter
  2. Displacement of the related cable. Both shift and selection
  3. An angle of the Shifter liver

The above-mentioned data will store on the PC which collected through the Data acquisition software and preserves for the long duration.

We are developing the gear shifter validation and Endurance test rigs for various automotive OEMs and their ancillaries. We also design and manufacturing Gear lifter test rigs for Different automotive cars according to the customer Needs and requirements. We also do the Endurance test rig with an Extreme condition like -40ÂșC and (+120C). We also developing the Endurance test rigs for various automotive components.

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